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Revolutionizing Contract Management with Limelight Intelligence

Navigate the complexities of any contract, regardless of volume, type, or domain. Experience unprecedented control with data extraction, obligation tracking, analytical insights, and centralized storage - all at your fingertips.

Generative AI engineered to give you complete visibility across your entire contract portfolio

Limelight Intelligence empowers businesses to not only address the universal challenges of contract
management, but also streamline operations and unlock unparalleled value, driving proactive decision-making and ensuring
optimal contract performance.

A robust, secure, cloud-based vault for all your contracts, facilitating easy storage, categorization, and instant retrieval.

Contract management for the enterprise

By harnessing the power of Generative AI, we guide enterprises into a future where contracts are intelligently managed, analyzed, and actioned - driving tangible benefits and strategic growth.


We cater to all contract stakeholders

Limelight Intelligence recognizes the myriad of contract stakeholders and is meticulously crafted to address the needs of each one, ensuring a cohesive, inclusive, and efficient contract management experience.

Data Security

It’s your data, no one elses

Limelight Intelligence upholds the highest standards of data security, privacy, and governance.

Comprehensive suite for all your contract management needs.

Whether for single-use or ongoing contract management, for specific enhancements or as a complete system, Limelight Intelligence adapts to your needs, transforming contract management into a strategic advantage.

  • Streamlining Contract Review


    Manual contract reviews are time-consuming and prone to human error, which can lead to missed obligations, overlooked opportunities for negotiation, or compliance risks.


    Limelight automates the extraction of key data from contracts, transforming this tedious manual process into an efficient, accurate, and automated workflow.

  • Centralized Contract Repository


    Organizations often struggle with contract management due to contracts being scattered across various storage solutions, such as email inboxes, shared drives, and physical filing cabinets. This disorganization makes it difficult to locate, access, and manage contracts efficiently, leading to wasted time and increased risk of oversight


    Limelight provides a centralized repository for all organizational contracts, allowing for them to be stored, categorized, and accessed in one place. With advanced search capabilities and intelligent categorization, contracts can be quickly located by any team member, based on criteria such as contract type, department, vendor, expiration date, etc

  • Centralizing and Leveraging Data


    Contract data is often scattered across various storage solutions like Excel spreadsheets, SharePoint, or custom databases, making it difficult to access, analyze, and utilize effectively for strategic decisions


    Limelight automatically captures and stores contract data in a structured and centralized system, our product ensures that contract metadata is easily accessible and ready for analysis. This unified view of contracts facilitates advanced analytics, reporting, and the extraction of actionable insights.

  • Proactive Contract Management


    Finance and procurement departments miss opportunities to renegotiate terms or end services due to unnoticed contract renewals, often caused by disorganized contract storage.


    Limelight alerts relevant stakeholders about upcoming renewals in advance, organized neatly in the repository by contract type, ensuring no renewal deadline is missed.

  • Mitigating Contract Leakage


    Organizations often experience contract leakage due to unnoticed discrepancies between agreed-upon contract terms and actual execution. This includes missed discounts, overpayments, or unenforced penalties, leading to significant financial losses over time.


    Limelight automates the detection and analysis of key contract terms, such as pricing, discounts, service levels, and penalty clauses. By integrating with procurement and financial systems, it enables real-time monitoring of contract execution against these terms, highlighting discrepancies and potential leakages.

  • Supplier Spend Analysis


    Organizations often struggle to gain a clear and comprehensive understanding of their spending patterns with various suppliers due to dispersed contract data and the lack of a centralized system. This results in missed opportunities for cost savings, inefficient spend management, and challenges in negotiating supplier contracts


    Limelight centralizes and categorizes all supplier contracts, automatically extracting key data such as spend amounts, contract terms, and renewal dates. With advanced analytics capabilities, it enables procurement teams to perform in-depth spend analysis, identifying trends, and areas where spend consolidation could lead to significant cost reductions.

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